LED Scroll Sign Are The Most Used Signs Today. Thanks to the LED Scroll Sign , your company can keep up with technological developments. Thanks to the LED Scroll Sign , you will attract attention with the animations in it. P10 Panel consists of Red, White and RGB Panels.

What is LED Scroll Sign ?

Moving signage systems are systems produced for companies to advertise and promote themselves in the fields of advertising and marketing.

Usage areas?

In order to provide ease of use, materials and production techniques suitable for environmental conditions are used in marquee signs used outdoors. It is created by professional teams who are experts in techniques and materials.

LED Scroll Sign systems will provide you with a long-lasting signage by coping with the harsh conditions such as snow and rain in the winter months and the heat and humidity difficulties of the summer months.

Usage Advantages

While an advertisement you will make on standard signboards is one-time only, you will be able to offer opportunities for many advertisements thanks to the system you will create with marquee signage. With the development of technology, you will be able to easily advertise your company and attract the attention of your customers by keeping up with the technology. At the same time, while providing all these, you can make your ads or campaigns interesting with different animations, colors and effects.

LED Scroll Sign systems are an application that emphasizes your closeness to technological developments, while easily showing that you and your companies are adapting to trends, with advantages such as visual, aesthetic and ease of use, which stand out with their compatibility with today’s technology conditions.

LED Scroll Sign program

LED Scroll Sign systems have the feature of being interactive. In this way, we can clearly see that writing provides technological superiority with programs. These interactive LED Scroll Sign information automatically and in specific sequences from the requested website.

Many effects and animations are available. LED Scroll Sign . With the variety of animations, the signs become more remarkable. With marquee signs that make your business potential aware, you can achieve extremely successful works.

LED Scroll Sign Panel Structure

LED Scroll Sign consists of 32×16 CM Red, White and RGB Panels. By combining the panels, they can reach the desired dimensions. It continues as 32 floors horizontally. It continues vertically as 16 floors.

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